About Us

  • We are advocates for adult education.
  • We build the social infrastructure between individuals and groups to stimulate a robust environment for lifelong learning.
  • We utilize publications and technology to strengthen the lines of communication in our community.
  • We monitor and tackle issues affecting our community of lifelong learners.
  • We promote and empower education programming for special populations not well served by traditional education.
  • We stimulate excellence through professional development by building expertise and best practices via seminars and workshops.

We eagerly await your contributions. Through the support of our many members, volunteers, friends, neighbors, students, and many others, the Arizona Association for Lifelong Learning is fulfilling its mission. Your contribution of time, energy, and resources is an investment in our communities that delivers great returns. Returns that are measured in a stronger community, a higher quality of life, and a better world.

We look forward to your continued support!

Our Mission

AALL strives to improve opportunities for educational growth by promoting and inspiring lifelong learning and adult literacy in Arizona. 

Our Vision

Arizona will have an empowered adult population and a dynamic workforce. 

Our Motto

Empowering Learners for Life

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Our Partners and Affiliates

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