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The Arizona Association for Lifelong Learning offers scholarships to members of up to $500 per year to be used to attend or participate in conferences, presentations, workshops or other professional learning activities primarily related to the instruction of adults in basic skills, high school equivalency, English language instruction, and/or Civics and Citizenship.  Applications to attend activities which would be considered outside those related to adult instruction; i.e. elementary or secondary levels, must provide a rationale on how attendance/participation in the activity specifically relates to and how you would use it in your adult instruction.  Scholarships are not available to pay a student's college costs. 

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    •  Send applications to subject: "AALL Scholarship Committee Chair" at

Process and Requirements:

Applicants must be current, dues-paid AALL members. If not a current member, you must submit a membership application with membership fee with this scholarship application. Scholarship monies are awarded only once each year to a specific individual. Individuals who receive a scholarship are ineligible to apply for and receive one the following year.      

When multiple participants apply, and it is deemed that all meet the eligibility, the recipient or recipients may be chosen via a lottery system.

When more than one recipient is chosen for the same or separate events, the amount of the awards will be at the discretion of the committee, considering relevant factors such as the cost of the event, travel involved, or other factors that might influence the amount of award per person.

This is a reimbursement scholarship. After the event, mail appropriate receipts to AALL at PO Box, 16021 Phoenix, AZ 85011-6021 to be reimbursed.

You will be expected to write an article on your professional learning experience for the AALL newsletter.

Applications are processed as they are received, but they must be received no later than three weeks before the event to be considered.


Applications will be based on the following criteria, each weighted at 25% of the final total score:

1. Educational Goals

2. Career Goals

3. Experience

4. Statement describing how this activity will contribute to the goals mentioned above.

Please keep the narrative brief, no more than one page, four paragraphs, addressing the criteria.

For Students applying for a scholarship, only answer this: 

1. Why are you interested in participating in the event?  What do you hope to learn? 

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